We offer hair coloring services that range from root touch up to a full-color correction.

Our root touch up is ideal for clients who are looking to cover their gray hair or “natural highlights”. We recommend clients with 25% of more gray hair to visit us every four weeks to maintain their gray coverage. After the original four weeks from your last appointment, grown out gray hair becomes more difficult to cover and will incur additional charges. To complete your root touch up with a silky smooth finish, upgrade your appointment with a luxurious TRUSS Infusion Treatment. This intensely hydrating treatment is a vegan wax-based repair treatment that is applied to dry hair. This is the perfect combination with a root touch up, since while your root color processes, our hydrating treatment processes at the same time. Offering you two incredible treatments, with no additional wait time. Finish off this service with a smooth blow out for immediately beautiful, shiny results.

Total processing time with a blowout is 1 hour +. Monthly root touch up is $55+, Infusion Treatment $75+ & Blowout is $35+.

Single process coloring is where we use a single permanent or semi-permanent color all throughout your hair, roots to ends. This can be done when you want to change your hair and darken it all over, or just refresh your ends while covering your gray roots. Single Process coloring starts at $150 and increases depending on the length and density of your hair.

Janay did an amazing job and I had such a great experience. She stayed late just to give me exactly what I wanted plus some. I will definitely be coming back!!

Toning services include a relaxing hair wash and one toner for your entire head of hair. If additional toning is required, additional charges may apply. With our toning service, we recommend you to add a repair treatment, as in our TRUSS Fast Repair Kit to return all the nutrients back into your hair, while you tone. A toner is a salon product that helps to keep your color fresh. Using toners allows us to personalize your color and it is the finishing step to every lightening service we perform, to add a long-lasting shine to your newly customized color. Toning starts at $55+ and is recommended for color maintenance every two months.


Tuesday – Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday & Monday – CLOSED

Shadow rooting is a type of toning, where we create the perfect blend between your natural color and the new lighter pieces throughout your hair. In order to allow your Teasylights to grow out seamlessly, a shadow root is highly recommended. We typically perform shadow roots on clients who require some sort of foiling throughout their hair. The shadow roots help to blend out any harsh lines left from the foiling throughout your hair.

Air Touch Lights is a lightening technique for clients who want an even more gradual blend between their natural roots to the new color along the length of your hair. This is ideal for clients with fine hair texture, whose hair can become overly tangled with our Teasylight technique.

Teasylights is a lightening technique used mostly for clients who want to have blended yet drastic blonde results. This technique puts a modern spin on the classic highlights, where you have that beautiful contrast between your natural color and the newly added blonde, without the crazy maintenance or any harsh lines. This technique involves meticulously weaving out and teasing each section in a certain pattern to reach our desired end results. Our Teasylight clients typically return after about 6 months for a full touch up. It is recommended if you prefer to keep your hair looking fresh to return every three months for a face frame touch up, where we lighten only the contour of the face with 6-12 foils to give your hair a fresh new feel. 

Balayage is a lightening technique in which we use our hands to create a beautiful and soft blend. Balayage enhances the natural tones of the hair, most balayage services showcase warm tones that compliment your hair color. Warm tones showcase more golden, caramel, and chocolate tones throughout the hair.

Color Corrections are lengthy services that take a minimum of 6 hours and the starting rate is $500. This is a very long and meticulous service, which typically includes long lightener applications, processing time, several toners, a shadow root, several hair treatments that depend on the necessity of your hair, blowout, and style. Color correction clients are required to have an in-person consultation and test strand performed. The test strand is where we test out two areas of your hair in foils, to determine how your hair will react to the process overall. The test allows us to see what color your hair will lighten to, and the quality of your hair. If your hair does not pass the test strand, then together, we think of a new game plan for your hair. You must be open to trying out something new if your hair does not pass the test strand. Even if your hair cannot achieve the color you desire, we will put together a treatment plan so you can recuperate your hair until it is strong enough to handle any chemical service. 


Lightening Services include the lightening, bond protector, toning, treatment, blowout, and style.

Hand Painted Balayage


Teasy Lights


Air Touch


Partial Teasy Lights


Face Frame Touch Up



Low lights*

*Low lights are sections we darken throughout your hair, in order to add a perfect amount of dimension back into your hair.


Single Process Color


Root Touch Up*

*Maintenance every 4 weeks required; blow out is additional.


Toner / Glaze*

*Essential to maintain your beautiful color, recommended every 5-8 weeks. Color Corrections require in-person consultation to determine the price. Lightening services require a minimum of three hours to complete. Average time for Teasy Lights & Air Touch is 5 hours, timing and pricing varies on hair length, starting point, and desired end goals.


TRUSS High Liss Smoothing System*

*Formaldehyde-free hair straightening, reduces volume and frizz, lasts about three months.




Tiffany Venturreli

Every time I go here I walk out happy (That doesn’t happen much for me, my hair is hard to manage if you don’t know to cut and style it correctly) after coming here numerous times I will never go anywhere else. Ana is my go-to girl for color, cuts, and everything else.

Farah Kozo

Janay did an amazing job and I had such a great experience. She stayed late just to give me exactly what I wanted plus some. I will definitely be coming back!!

Sadie Alexa

Every time I leave my appointment I am nothing but 100% satisfied. Janay always knows how to bring my vision to life. Making me ‘Dark & Delicious’. I love you! And Ashley introducing me to the best natural body scrubs ever. (IG: @renewmenaturally) This weekend has truly made me feel nothing but rejuvenated. Everyone in the salon is amazing and makes it so easy to relax and enjoy being pampered. Thank you ladies

Danielle Gough

My mom and I have been going here for over 5 years now. Our hair always comes out amazing. Janay, Ana, Jaira and Flavia are all great!! Always a great time going there!

Vique Bandeira

Got my first hair dye here (virgin hair to ombré) and absolutely loved it. Not only was the atmosphere friendly and happy- but for someone who knows nothing about hair dying it was great being comfortable asking a million questions. Highly recommended for all!!

Jessica Frances

Love my balayage done by Ana! Can’t wait to go back for another session.